Ukranian crisis and internet…

10 Мар

There was many word about  development internet in russian segment.



9 Дек

it is my last day indepedent day of the my  resourse…

November Ketchup

30 Ноя

This is so ordinary-show this month And how taking a break has changed everything…One from fifity books how I know… May be I in fault but content …May be I am in fault….

Shannon A Thompson

November’s Ketchup

I’m still on break, but I know how much these monthly stats mean to some of my readers, so I thought I would show this month and how taking a break has changed everything. Thank you for understanding and continuing to support me, even in my absence!

For those of you just now checking in this month, Ketchup actually means “catch up.” At the end of every month, I write these posts describing what goes on behind the scenes at Some of the topics I cover include my big moments, top blog post, guest posts, my top referrer, SEO term, and more in order to show insights that will hopefully help fellow bloggers see what was popular. I also hope it entertains the readers who want “extras” for this website.

Thank you for being a part of my life this November!

Big Moments:

#1 Clicked Item was Take Me Tomorrow on Amazon #1 Clicked Item…

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English versification my book ,,La verre du vin en cold night,,@ viktor.gorbachev 1999 All right reserved

26 Ноя
  •           ——- Content—
  • I am catty,I obliged catty…
  • Child of the paradise
  • Glucking city
  • Babby rolling
  • New Orlean-story my heart
  • O my darling, o my sweety lady( variation)
  • Eternity ocean
  • Morning  of the passions
  • City rendez-vous
  • You come to   blacky evening
  • Oldman
  • Anywhere,Anywhere…

Little story very independent press….

25 Ноя

I begin , my dear friends….Once upon a time I simple man  twenty nine years old  decided  open new and indepedent  (OYY)

newspaper( if you only robots  you shall be weaping   and may be rusted because story ,which i told sorrowful) My soul sing song of the freedoom  and  my  dreams was beautiful and  trop grand….What is time still on our yard -times waiting of the  changes ( of course better changes.)Of course  I know  about journalism Because i myself journalist…

Afterward I  regret about my unexprience in others questions — o, money all go round….. If you haven,t money stop you dreams told us wisdoom but we hear her teacher,s iron voice?

Plagiarism Needs a Better Definition

25 Ноя


There’s this parable that economists always tell.

Your car breaks down and you take it to the mechanic. He opens the hood and looks at your engine for a few seconds. Then he takes out a little hammer and taps it on the top. Suddenly it works again.

‘That’ll be $100,’ he says.
‘But all you did was make a little tap!’ you protest.
‘The tap, that’s $1,’ he says. ‘Knowing where to tap, that’s $99.’

Like everyone else who writes for a living, I’ve been reading the Fareed Zakaria plagiarism allegations with a knot in my stomach.

Here’s what we know so far:

In 2012, Zakaria blatantly yoinked a Jill Lepore (love her!) paragraph in an article he wrote about gun control. He got busted and he apologized.

Dude has written for legit every publication, so his current employer and his alma maters investigated his old work for copy-pastage. They…

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Required Reading from Journalism Professors

25 Ноя


Below, six syllabi from journalism professors on what you should be reading.

* * *

1. Journalism 494: Pollner Seminar In Narrative Non-Fiction With Esquire’s Chris Jones (University of Montana)

“The purpose of this course is to teach students how to write publishable magazine-length narrative non-fiction: In other words, my aim is to help you learn how to write good, long, true stories. The course outline will mirror a typical writer’s progress through the birth of an idea to a finished, polished piece, including reporting, writing, editing, and fact-checking. In addition to classroom discussion, course readings will help students understand the difference between good and bad work. My hope is that by the end of the semester, you will have written the Best Story of Your Life So Far (BSOYLSF) and it will help you reach your future potential as an award-winning literary journalist.”

2. Journalism 141: Professional Problems and…

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All about presspassions or diary independent presslord

25 Ноя

Early  morning in my postbox i found letter/My     journal will be closed  .

It sorrow event,of course, but independent newspaper and issue bisness come to dust.In our country permission issue gave state inspection Roscomnadzor/ Donates infoprocess  almost always   want from pressmakers only one —  will be disappeared

from them horizont/// In United states how live little small press journal ? May be   they took little  help in borders special state programmes?

For twenty five my exprience  in indepedent press  our country   I don,t see  that everyone have interest for development indepedent press/

Заметка 20 Май

Great War 2 began as at youmay see on ukraine/

For nice world may be?

16 Фев